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Property Tax Information  

Property taxes in California are determined by starting with the assessed value for any particular property.  Assessed value would normally be the last sold or transfer price of a property. 

According to Proposition 13 and California constitutional law approved by voters in 1978, property taxes for any parcel would be one percent of assessed value per year.  Assessed value can be restablished by the county assessor and go up by no more than 2 percent each year. 

Example:  If you are buying a home at Irvine or anywhere in Orange County for $500k, the assessed value will most likely after sale will be $500k.  And your ad valorem annual property taxes for the property would be one percent or the amount of $5,000. 

There are other annual special assessments on properties at Orange County, California, depending on location of the property, such as Mello Roos district, school district, mosquito abatement district, etc.

For detailed information on property taxes and special assessments at Orange County, California, see the Orange County tax collector web site at 


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Disclaimer: This article is for information only and is not the providing of legal services or that for income or property tax determination.  For property tax information, you should contact a local REALTOR or a qualified real estate lawyer.

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